Brian with Ranger

Ranger Lift – Phoenix, AZ

Ranger Lift – Phoenix, AZ Owner/CEO Brian Goettlich stands with a Ranger Lift 

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  1. John Mastor
    John Mastor says:

    had my ranger lift installed about 6 weeks ago, by my son-in-law & my neighbor it was easy with the installation kit-provided. .all we needed was a a rot-percussive drill and bit rental from home depot & purchase of a dual epoxy gun for applicatio0n of the epoxy cement after install and a day’s hardening, I’ve been using almost daily for my safe ingress and egress from our pool. the lift works flawlessly. With easy pool access and regular workouts/exercise I recently was able to walk by myself, using my orthotic and a quad cane, definitely not possible before I am paralyzed on my left side (arm & leg) very pleased with the ranger lift, would r5ecommend to anyone looking for a reasonably priced quality home unit1.


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