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I have to tell you what an incredible company you are! During the time of covid, our pool lift stopped working and we were left without access to a very important part of life. I could not ask for help to get my son in the pool because of isolation and physical distancing and we live alone together. He was really missing our time in the pool.
Both Amandas did all they could do to diagnose the problem remotely (I live in Canada) and then send me the proper parts.
They obviously represent a forward thinking company who focuses on people over profit. We truly, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything.
Michelle WigginsCanada
I just want to thank your team for all of the help I received identifying and resolving my Ranger Pool Lift battery and control box issue.  You never really know what you have bought until you need help with it. Your entire team passed that test with flying colors. Your support team was so patient with me and really knew their stuff. Apparently my sales rep Richard Pentoney was spot on when he told me about the great customer support there at Aqua Creek.
Like I told the team members I talked to. The lift has been fantastic for my Sis. She is stuck in a wheel chair and it’s only when she is in the pool she can stretch out and exercise.
Even though we had to ship 2 parts at different times, we were able to resolve the issue within a about a week and my sis is going to use the pool today. My sis means the world to me and I am so happy that this lift has worked so well for her. I just can’t tell you in words.
Thank you so much!
Jack D.Sarasota, FL

My husband purchased your Patriot Portable Lift with sand ballast tank for a dear friend who visited our home in Palm Desert, CA for a few days last week. Thank you for rushing the delivery and helping us select a model that would suit her size and condition. She was able to confidently and comfortably access the pool at will.  It gave her such joy to be in the water, the one place she was truly comfortable. This would not have been possible without a safe portable lift. We are extremely happy we were able to provide her with some joy in her final week and to create some lasting memories to keep for ourselves.

Matt & Kim

We are so pleased with 101 Mobility.  Larry, Eric and Jose (the cement contractor) did a fantastic job and worked so well with our son.  We Skyped the planning session as well as the final walk through.  Very happy with the price and the work.  Thank you so much for all your help!


This is Sarah with Ability Center in San Luis Obispo, CA. I just received this e-mail from Dorchen acustomer you helped me very much with. She asked me to forward you as well as Tom this photo as she is very happy with the product and wanted to let us all know. Her husband is in his 90’s and has lots of aches and pains that the warm hot tub helps with. Thank you for your support and help getting them what they need!


Dear Aqua Creek Products;I cannot thank you enough for your informative how to trouble shoot your liftvideos located on your website. I manage a senior housing facility that owns and operates an Aqua CreekPro swimming pool lift. Thanks to your very informative videos, I was ableto learn how to use a volt meter to test the battery, the battery charger,and the power station on our lift to solve the problem we were having. If it were notfor these videos I would still be scratching my head attempting to solve our liftproblem.I would also like to thank your customer service representative TomGill who responded to my email inquiry within an hour of sending.I am delighted to say that thanks to Tom and the Aqua Creek websitevideos our lift is once again running smoothly and I learned how to usemy new favorite tool, the volt meter.Again thanks for your superior customer support!

Kathleen F.

I wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service this morning.  You were most helpful answering my questions.  I would also like to compliment your company on the EZ lift pool lift.  We have been using ours for several months with our spa and love it.  It is a refreshing change from most bulky special needs equipment.  It’s simple design, ease of use and affordability make it a product that I would recommend to any person considering a pool lift.Thank you again for your assistance.

Shellie M

An impromptu testimonial taken by a camera phone at the Chicago Abilities Expo. Listen in to hear what this customer has to say about Aqua Creek Product’s Ranger Pool Lift.

Hello Tom,Sorry this has been long time coming but we want to express our appreciationto you and Aqua Creek for the work you did on resolving our pool liftproblem and getting it up and running again for us. We received theequipment in perfect condition and my husband put the new control box onthe lift. The new battery charged fine, he tested it and the lift isworking!Thank you for your patience, time and effort to help us. The pool seasonhas not quite started yet for us but from what we can see, the lift shouldbe working well on a consistent basis.

Mary and DavePlano, Texas

“This customer was an elite athlete (triathlons) until she got mowed down by a hit and run driver that left her in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. A big thank-you to yourself and the rest of the team there for how smoothly everything went.”The actual pool won a silver award at the state titles.

Aqua Creek Products and the Perfect Marketing MixAqua Creek Products is one of a select few manufacturers of aquatic access equipment for handicap users in the United States. However, their product quality, customer service, ease of use, and myriad of technical information ranging from cut sheets, to drawings as well as 2010 CSI Master Spec written specifications combine to make Aqua Creek an industry leader decisively superior to any competitor in theAqua Design Int 3rd editmarketplace. Perhaps more succinctly, Aqua Creek has perfected the marketing mix of price, product, distribution, and promotion to please the discriminating pallet of any design service professional.More often than not companies excel in initial manufacturing quality, product longevity, delivery, and follow-up service. Aqua Creek is no different; their independently tested product line in transparent compliance with the 2010 ADA Guidelines is a testament to their manufacturing and distribution prowess.However, as many design service professionals are acutely aware a shocking majority of product manufacturers fail to deliver a combination of professional service and courtesy as well as sufficient product data and documentation to allow design service professionals to confidently specify products in their design packages. Aqua Creek is not merely an industry leader with respect to their ability to provide design professionals thenecessary information to specify their product line; Aqua Creek is, in fact, the only company in their industry that is able to coalesce manufacturing excellence with superior client satisfaction and product documentation critical to the needs of design professionals.Effectively synergizing a superior product line with a competitive cost structure as well as effective distribution and documentation for promotion required by design professionals delivers a perfectly harmonized marketing mix for Aqua Creek Products that places them head-and-shoulders above marketplace competitors.

David AcklinPresident

“My life has really changed since my Pro Pool Lift was installed. I have a mobility issue and doing pool work helps me more than meds. I move better, sleep better, can do it myself and thus gain a feeling of independence. I believe walking without a cane is possible thanks to the lift. The lift moves slowly and you will feel very secure. If you want to give and do something for a loved one – give the lift – using it gives you that woo hoo feeling.”  – Peggy H., Hamilton, GA……………….“I recently stayed at a Country Inn and Suites in Mishawauka Indiana. We were visiting my son in College and were due to just stay overnight and attend church with him in the morning at the University. At breakfast I noticed a chair next to the pool, upon inspection we realized that it is a pool lift for handicapped people. I have been in a wheelchair for over 10 years now and was amazed to see the hotel had one. We immediately asked to stay an extra day and after church went to buy something to swim in and came back to the hotel to use the pool. It was amazing. You get into the chair from your chair and someone lowers you with a remote into the water. It slowly turns out over the water as it lowers you into the water. It goes all the way down so that your legs are completely immersed. For me that means no more pain and in the water I actually have the ability to walk. I was able to walk and bend my knees and completely relax for over an hour. Then I literally went and sat back in the chair, as it slowly raised me out of the water and over to the side where my wheelchair was waiting. It was amazing and so easy to use. I personally had an issue several years ago when I was in a hotel pool and I was unable to get out and we needed to call 911 for help. This lift actually made such a difference and I look forward to returning to the hotel again and again. These lifts change peoples lives, and make them able to have some normalcy back into their lives. Even after only session my body felt better and my mobility improved. Thank goodness I discovered Aqua Creek Lifts.”

Marge M.Carol Stream IL

“I’m absolutely amazed! I wish all manufacturers could be more like what Aqua Creek represents. Efficiency and integrity…what a concept. You’ve got an awesome team! Aqua Creek remains at the absolute top of my list of companies for which I am eternally appreciative and the one company that I want to sell more products of as a direct correlation.”

Steven W.Auburn, CA

“This lift is fantastic! I ordered it and had it set up on my Hydro-pool Swim Spa, it works so good. The Pro Pool Lift is awesome!”

James D.Burlington, IL

“I would like you to know how important it is for me to have confidence in having an up-to-date range of well-designed equipment to promote which looks good and is well priced. Believe me when I say it is equally important to have this confidence in the people behind the equipment as well!”

Janet CUnited Kingdom

When  I called Aqua Creek I had a problem with an old second hand pool chair lift.  I am just the retired pool boy trying the keep the pool clean and all of the equipment running.  We have no manuals for this lift so we are working without a map.  I was pleasantly surprised when I called the young man who answered the phone at Aqua Creek.  He just jumped in and helped diagnosed my problem with the chair lift. During this time I told him that I was impressed with the quality of the workmanship and air tightness of the electronics boxes.  With this quality of equipment I am sure we will be working with Aqua Creek often.

Jerry Dutsch