Sling Seat options and accessories

We offer a variety of sling seat options to accommodate all different types of individuals.  The slings we offer are for the following pool lifts.

EZ Series Lifts (EZ2, Power EZ2 & Super Power EZ):

  • F-032EZSB – Sling Assy w/bars, standard adult size (38″L x 20″W) 400 lb. capacity
  • F-034EZS – Sling Only, standard adult size (38″L x 20″W) 400 lb. capacity
  • F-036RSS – Sling Assy w/bars, rigid insert & seat belt, standard adult size (38″L x 20″W) 400 lb. capacity
  • F-037EZLS – Sling Assy w/bars, extra long (50″L x 20″W) 400 lb. capacity
  • F-037XXLS – Sling Assy w/bars, extra large (50″L x 39.5″W) 500 lb. capacity
  • F-360YSLSB – Sling Assy w/bars, youth w/seat belt (34″L x 18″W) 400 lb. capacity
  • F-0320HSO-4C – Hard seat option
  • F-032EZB – Sling bars only, compatible with all slings (set of 4)
  • F-030EZHB – Hanger bar for F-037XXLS Sling, 32.5″ wide, 500 lb. capacity

Scout 2 and Scout Excel Lifts:

  • F-806SLS – Sling assy for Scout Lift, 375 lb. capacity (includes F-034EZS sling)

Mighty Series Lifts:

  • F-MTYSLS – Sling assy for Mighty lifts, 400 lb. capacity (includes F-032EZSB sling)

Revolution Lifts:

  • F-706RLSS – Sling assy for Revolution lift (includes F-037XXLS sling)

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