F-VTC002 Vito battery test cable
F-01TL Test Light
F-VTC002 Vito battery test cable F-01TL Test Light

Electronic Testing Tools

Aqua Creek has developed a simple and unique tool to help troubleshoot your electronics.  Our “Test Light” is a simple LED light fitted on the end of approximately 8 feet of our standard cord that plugs into your lifts control box where the lifting actuator or the rotation motors typically plug in.  The light tests for continuity and quite simply, if it lights up, you have continuity through the control box going to the component you are testing (either the lifting actuator or rotation motor).

If you need to test your Vito battery, the lift would have been shipped with a battery test cable but it often gets lost.  DO NOT try to voltage test your Vito battery without the test cable, you can easily blow the battery and ruin it.  The cable is an inexpensive toll to properly and safely test your Vito battery.


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