Aqua Creek Products introduces our new sales representative, Ivar Blosfelds. Ivar lives in Boca Raton, FL with his 19 year old daughter Alena and wife Gail. His down time interests include boating, diving, fishing and pretty much all things outdoors. Ivar studied Electrical Engineering in college and started working for General Electric Aerospace shortly thereafter. After several years of working on military defense projects he decided that the corporate world wasn’t for him. Ivar left and ventured into swimming pool construction with a friend. This went on for many years until he sold the company and moved to Florida, twelve months a year of warm weather was all it took! Ivar started and ran a removable child safety pool fence company for almost 20 years. This included manufacturing and setting up a network of dealers throughout the country. He sold this company a few years ago when one of his dealers made an offer he couldn’t refuse. This is what led him to Aqua Creek Products.”I had come across their products while involved with the pool fencing business. It was very clear that quality was their primary focus. I look forward to helping grow Aqua Creek’s presence in Florida.” – Ivar Blosfelds.