Actual product may vary slightly from photography.

Aqua Creek lifts come with a protective cover over the electrical control box and battery.  Some of the older lifts also had a ‘sock-style’ cover that covered the battery, control box and actuator.  Most of the lifts we sell currently have our universal electrical covers and are available in blue, tan, or gray.  All electronics covers are made out of our standard cover material.

Item Numbers:

‘Sock-Style’ – Pro Pool Lift, Ranger AT, Pro Pool XR, Ambassador, Portable Pro Pool, & Patriot AT Lifts.

  • F-45ACB-C: Actuator, control box/battery cover, blue
  • F-45ACB-CT: Actuator, control box/battery cover, tan
  • F-45ACB-CG:  Actuator, control box/battery cover, gray

Item Numbers: 

‘Universal Style’ – Admiral, Ranger 2, Portable Pro 2, Mighty 400/600, Scout 2, Scout Excel, Mighty Voyager, Revolution, Titan 600, Spa Series, Power EZ, Power EZ2, & Super Power EZ.

  • F-UBC: Control Box/Battery Cover, Blue
  • F-UBC-G: Control Box/Battery Cover, Gray
  • F-UBG-T: Control Box/Battery Cover, Tan