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Pool Corp-SCP South Austin

Congratulations to Mark Cancel and his crew with SCP South Austin #150 for all their hard work and dedication. Mark had this to say:

Every year I like to pick a new product/vendor and challenge myself to see how many units I can sell in a year. For years we had customers who were selling different lifts for their jobs and the problem with these lifts was that the anchors were very specific to each lift.  The anchor is the most important part of a pool lift as it has to be poured into the deck first. When the builders would come to pick up the anchor (as the deck was being poured) we never had that anchor in stock because there so many different ones. When I saw the new Aqua Creek Scout 2 Lift, which uses the standard 6” 1.90ID bronze socket anchor, I knew it would be my lift. You can find a standard 6” bronze anchor anywhere. At that point when they buy that 6” anchor they will have to buy the lifts I stock when they come back. Of course, I do explain this to them. My challenge started in 2016 and SCP South Austin #150 went from selling zero Aqua Creek lifts to 19 by year end. My BDR Nathan Zatopek was instrumental in running with the ball on this one and he deserves just as much credit.

We love the Scout 2 Lift and we order it without anchor now as we already have the standard 6” bronze anchor in stock usually. We also partnered with Pentair who got in the game with their Aquatram 90. It also uses the same 6” bronze anchor. The Scout 2 Lift has good reach so if you have a gutter in the way or want to share it with two bodies of water you’re good to go. The Aquatram 90 is a more affordable but has to be closer to the waterline.

ADA compliance is happening all around you. You need to get out there and let everyone know you have the anchors in stock. It’s an investment that will most likely lead to a guaranteed sale later. The customers have a great choice of Aqua Creek lifts to use down the road after the anchor is installed.

Need assistance in the South Austin area? Call Mark and his crew @ 512-326-8478