Actual product may vary slightly from photography.

Protect your investment with a cover!

The fabric used for all of Aqua Creek’s covers is a heavyweight, polyester fabric.  Polyester fabric is durable and breathable.  It is soft, dries fast and has good elastic and high waterproof characteristics.

Our standard covers come with a PVC coating, are pigment dyed, and are available in Blue, Tan and Gray colors.  Premium covers provide a more flexible Polyurethane coating and are solution dyed to help prevent fading.  Our premium covers are only available in blue.

If you don’t want to cover your entire lift, we also offer a seat cover made from our standard material to protect the seat from getting too hot or from unauthorized users.  The seat cover is one size and fits both our 18-inch and 22-inch wide seats.  It is only available in Blue.

Note: Covers may or may not have a logo depending on supplier availability.

Item Numbers:

Seat Cover Only

  • F-0904CVR: Chair Cover, Lift Seats Only, fits 18″ and 22″ seats, Blue Only

Pro Pool Series Lifts – Admiral, Ranger, Ranger 2, Pro Pool, Portable Pro, Portable Pro 2, Patriot, Pathfinder, Pro Pool XR & Ambassador

  • F-120PPC: Pro Series – Blue
  • F-120PPC-T: Pro Series – Tan
  • F-120PPC-G: Pro Series – Gray
  • F-120PPC-B-HE: Pro Series – Premium Blue

EZ, EZ-2, Power EZ & Power EZ-2 Lifts

  • F-EZBL-C: EZ/Power EZ, Blue
  • F-EZBL-CG: EZ/Power EZ, Gray
  • F-EZBL-CT: EZ/Power EZ, Tan
  • F-EZBL-B-HE: EZ/Power EZ, Premium Blue

Super Power EZ Lifts

  • F-440HBC-B: Super Power EZ, Blue
  • F-440HBC-G: Super Power EZ, Gray
  • F-440HBC-T: Super Power EZ, Tan
  • F-440HBC-B-HE: Super Power EZ, Premium Blue
  • F-440EZHSC: EZ/Power EZ, Blue (for hard seat option)

Scout 2 & Scout Excel Lifts

  • F-450SSC: Scout 2/Scout Excel, Blue
  • F-450SSC-T: Scout 2/Scout Excel, Tan
  • F-450SSC-G: Scout 2/Scout Excel, Gray
  • F-450SSC-B-HE: Scout 2/Scout Excel, Premium Blue

Mighty 400 and Mighty 600 Lifts

  • F-MTLCB: Mighty 400/600, Blue
  • F-MTLCT: Mighty 400/600, Tan
  • F-MTLCG: Mighty 400/600, Gray
  • F-MTLCB-HE: Mighty 400/600, Premium Blue

Revolution & Titan 600 Lifts

  • F-720SSC: Revolution/Titan 600, Blue
  • F-720SSC-T: Revolution/Titan 600, Tan
  • F-720SSC-G: Revolution/Titan 600, Gray
  • F-720SSC-B-HE: Revolution/Titan 600, Premium Blue

Spa Series Lifts

  • F-450SLECS: Spa Lift Elite, Blue
  • F-450SLECS-G: Spa Lift Elite, Gray
  • F-450SLECS-T: Spa Lift Elite, Tan
  • F-450SLECS-B-HE: Spa Lift Elite, Premium Blue
  • F-450SLUCS: Spa Lift Ultra, Blue
  • F-450SLUCS-G: Spa Lift Ultra, Gray
  • F-450SLUCS-T: Spa Lift Ultra, Tan
  • F-450SLUCS-B-HE: Spa Lift Ultra, Premium Blue