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Toddler Training Platform

HERE IS OUR UPDATED PLATFORM PRODUCT PAGE These completely portable platforms are easy to remove or place in the pool. Ideally used to teach swimming or for aquatic exercise and therapy. Other uses include in water seating for adults and children, a water safety station, or as an island children can swim to and from. […]

Boating Beach Bash 2016

OUR SALES REPRESENTATIVE IVAR AT THE ANNUAL BOATING BEACH BASH “I would like to thank the Boating Beach Bash of 2016 for letting Aqua Creek participate in a truly incredible event on Saturday March 12th. What an inspiring day. I feel like the luckiest person alive and I was moved beyond words. The hugs and […]

Ivar Blosfelds Employee Profile

Aqua Creek Products introduces our new sales representative, Ivar Blosfelds. Ivar lives in Boca Raton, FL with his 19 year old daughter Alena and wife Gail. His down time interests include boating, diving, fishing and pretty much all things outdoors. Ivar studied Electrical Engineering in college and started working for General Electric Aerospace shortly thereafter. After […]