Aqua Design International

 Aqua Creek Products and the Perfect Marketing MixAqua Creek Products is one of a select few manufacturers of aquatic access equipment for handicap users in the United States. However, their product quality, customer service, ease of use, and myriad of technical information ranging from cut sheets, to drawings as well as 2010 CSI Master Spec written specifications combine to make Aqua Creek an industry leader decisively superior to any competitor in the marketplace. Perhaps more succinctly, Aqua Creek has perfected the marketing mix of price, product, distribution, and promotion to please the discriminating pallet of any design service professional.More often than not companies excel in initial manufacturing quality, product longevity, delivery, and follow-up service. Aqua Creek is no different; their independently tested product line in transparent compliance with the 2010 ADA Guidelines is a testament to their manufacturing and distribution prowess.However, as many design service professionals are acutely aware a shocking majority of product manufacturers fail to deliver a combination of professional service and courtesy as well as sufficient product data and documentation to allow design service professionals to confidently specify products in their design packages. Aqua Creek is not merely an industry leader with respect to their ability to provide design professionals thenecessary information to specify their product line; Aqua Creek is, in fact, the only company in their industry that is able to coalesce manufacturing excellence with superior client satisfaction and product documentation critical to the needs of design professionals.Effectively synergizing a superior product line with a competitive cost structure as well as effective distribution and documentation for promotion required by design professionals delivers a perfectly harmonized marketing mix for Aqua Creek Products that places them head-and-shoulders above marketplace competitors.David AcklinPresident