Pro Pool Series Anchors

(Admiral, Ranger 2, Pathfinder, Ranger AT, Pro Pool)

The Admiral and Ranger 2 Lifts use a four-point anchoring system.  We offer kits for typical concrete pool decks, paver applications, wood deck applications, and a quick attach concrete deck version to quickly and easily remove the lift from poolside without the need for tools.

All kits include four inserts, a jig plate to hold them all at the proper distance, a bonding lug, all hardware to secure the inserts to the jig plate, and hardware to secure the lift to the anchors when installed.

NOTE: These kits may be used for many older models like the Pathfinder, Pro Pool Lift and Ranger.  Check with our service department before ordering to make sure the bolt pattern matches your lift.

  • F-04CAJP:  Anchor kit for concrete applications
  • F-08CAJP: Anchor kit for pavers applications
  • F-40220-AT1: Anchor kit for wood deck applications
  • F-046QAB-AT1: Anchor kit with quick attach knobs for concrete applications
  • F-JCL-114: Replacement quick attach knobs