5 Steps to Choosing a Pool Lift

What type of facility is it; commercial or residential?

  • Commercial facilities will require an ADA compliant lift.  As of 2017, there is no formal certification of ADA compliance; any ‘verification’ or ‘certification’ is done by the manufacturer and/or an independent testing company.  Beginning in 2018, there will be a UL standard (UL 60335-2-1000) to which pool lifts will need to be tested.  Aqua Creek was a part of the UL Technical Standards Committee that developed this standard.
  • If a lift is not ADA compliant, it does not mean it is of lesser quality.  ADA compliant only means they meet certain criteria required by the law such as being self-operable by the user – something that may not be necessary in a residential application where someone may have a caregiver to help them.

What type of pool or spa are you trying to access?

  • Proper choice of a lift depends on what type of pool or spa to which you are trying to gain access.  If the pool is fully in ground, the choices are greater whereas if the pool or spa is on ground or partially above ground; your choices are more limited.
  • Additional considerations are how far the lift will need to be able to reach to get someone into the water safely and how high it will need to raise up to clear any walls, curbs or other obstacles. 
  • Is the pool or spa inside?  This too could limit choices or require a customization so we can fit it into a low ceiling application.  Be aware of ceiling heights and know that even if a lift looks like it is not tall, once you raise it all the way up, it may extend beyond a typical 8 foot high ceiling.  Confirm the overall lift height with the product specifications.

What type of pool deck or mounting surface are we going to affix the lift?

  • Most lifts will have multiple anchoring options and some are completely portable.  However, in ADA situations even portable lifts need to be ‘fixed’ to the pool/spa deck.  Aqua Creek offers anchoring options for wood decks as well as paver decks for most of our lifts.
  • Modification of your deck or mounting surface may be required in these types of situations.  Be prepared with measurements, photos, and possibly some local, qualified professional contractor help.
  • Aqua Creek provides typical installation standards in our manuals.  Given the wide range of situations, applications, and regulations, we cannot provide specific installation instructions for each application.  We can indicate proper placement of anchors, provide recommendations, and give pointers but we cannot provide information to help meet codes or other strength requirements; those are things the owner/contractor will need to consider.

What is the heaviest weight you need the lift to accommodate?

  • In certain cases, the heavier the better as this provides greater accessibility to more people however, heavier capacity lifts are more expensive and require more extensive installation requirements.  When you get above a 400 pound requirement, your choices are limited.  Aqua Creek is the only manufacturer to offer standard lift models up to a 600 pound weight capacity.

What are the limitations of the user of the lift(s)?

  • Finally we get to what the typical user is capable of.  For most durable medical equipment dealers this is usually where they start in order to find the right product, i.e. power chairs, walkers, etc… for the person.  However, for Pool and Spa access lifts we need to know what the application is first.  We can then modify the lift with accessories or options and even customize the lift to accommodate the typical person who will be using the lift if necessary.

If you are still confused or need assistance, Aqua Creek can help!  Simply go to the Aqua Creek Website or download our phone app and use our online lift selector.  Or you can complete our Pool Profile guide and email it or simply call us!  No phone trees during our regular business hours; we answer our phones and you will be able to talk to one of our helpful sales representatives. 

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