Press Release

Press Release

Aqua Creek Products Releases New and Improved Pool Lifts: Revolution XL & Revolution XL Deep Draft

[Missoula, MT] – Aqua Creek Products, a leading manufacturer of aquatic access equipment, announced today the launch of its two newest pool lifts, the Revolution XL and the Revolution XLDD. These models are an upgraded and redesigned version of the original Revolution Pool Lift, with enhanced features that make them ideal for a wider range of settings and unique situations.

The Revolution XL and Revolution XL Deep Draft pool lifts are powered by a direct drive motor, which provides a smoother, quieter and more efficient operation. This innovation has completely changed the look of the lift and promises to deliver a more enjoyable user experience for people with disabilities.

Furthermore, these pool lifts boast bigger water drafts and setbacks than ever before, which make them a popular choice for unique situations like cruise ships. They have been tested and found to exceed the highest safety standards, including ADA compliance and UL safety certification, providing users with the peace of mind that they are using a reliable and safe product.

Aqua Creek Products has established a reputation for delivering high-quality aquatic access equipment, and the Revolution XL and Revolution XLDD pool lifts are no exception. The products come with Aqua Creek’s industry-leading warranties, giving customers confidence that they are investing in a reliable and durable product.

The Revolution XL and Revolution XLDD pool lifts are now available for purchase from Aqua Creek Products. To learn more about the products and their features, please visit the company’s website at



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